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Man Who Conquers the 'Shiva, Bow' Weds Sita

How to find such a heroic young man to wed such a girl?

King Janaka possessed a bow said to have been blessed by Lord Shiva. It was a great bow and the king decided to marry off his daughter to one who could lift it and charge its arrow. He prepared for a Swayamvara.

Many noble princes from severalkingdoms came aspiring for the hand of the beautiful damsel Sita. But they were awed by the mighty bow and, saluting it turned away.

Sage Vishwamitra, accompanied by his disciples Rama and Lakshmana, arrived at Mithila. The princes, sons of renowned king Dasharatha, had conquered many demons ('rakshasas'). King Janaka felt glad at their arrival.

Vishwamitra told Rama:"Dear Rama- chandra, pray to Lord Shiva and take to the bow." Sri Rama bowed to Vishwamitra and offered his respects. He then prayed for the grace of Lord Shiva, went and raised the bow with ease and thrust an arrow. As he bent the bow, it broke. Sitadevi came and garlanded him and accepted him as her husband. The news reached king Dasharatha who rushed to Mithila with his entourage. The marriage of Rama and Sita was solemnized in a grand manner.

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