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The Fire Ordeal

Can such a kind-hearted soul as Rama speak so cruelly? Sita could not believe her ears.

"This is a great test for me. All right. If my husband rejects me, why should I live? I will sacrifice this body- to Agni" -she decided and asked Lakshmana to prepare a fire.

Lakshmana became furious and stared at Rama. Sugriva and others stood shocked. Rama stood like a rock.

With tears in his eyes, Lakshmana prepared the fire.

Sita bowed to her husband and prayed: "0 God Agni, if I am pure, unsullied and faithful to my husband, protect me." So saying, she walked into the flames.

All were shocked and the women present wailed.

But the fire subsided. God Agni stepped out carrying Sita. He told Rama: "She is absolutely pure. How can you suspect her? Here, accept this pure and fine woman."

Bugles blew, flowers were showered on them. Rama then said, "I know Sita is pure. Still, I had to do this so that people should not say something bad later." He gladly welcomed Sita.

Rama's forest sojourn ended by then. He and others reached Ayodhya flying in ‘Pushpaka-vimana'. Bharata and the citizens accorded a grand welcome to Rama. Everybody was filled with happiness. All were talking about Sita. Already, preparations for Rama's coronation were complete. He was ceremonially crowned the king.

Let us offer our humble prayers to Rama and Sitadevi, path breakers of the world.

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Sitadevi - Wife Of Rama, prince of Ayodhya.
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