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"Rich or Poor, My Life is Only with Rama"

Sita sat under a Shimshupa tree. Pale and weary-looking, and wearing a worn-out saree, she was sitting there on the floor crying. She was pining: "0 Ramachandra! Can't you see my plight? Can I be so lucky as to see you again?" Ugly looking demonizes around pressed on: "Forget Rama. Marry the heroic, wealthy Ravana. If you please him, you can lead a life of luxury. If you refuse, you will be finished." But Sita sternly told them: I will never think of another man even in my dreams.

I would not touch another being even with my left foot."

Sitting on a tree, Anjaneya saw heard all these words.

In the morning, Ravana accompanied by his harem came there. Ravana said: "Sita, why you are suffering like this without good food and clothing? I am the king of the three worlds. My palace, riches, opulence – everything will be yours. Come to the palace. One does not know whether Rama, living in the jungle like a hermit, is alive or dead. Forget him."

Addressing the blade of grass before her, Sita said: "I am Rama's wife. Whether he is rich or poor, my place is with Rama and nowhere else. I do not even want to look at you. By bringing me here, you are ruining yourself and your family."

Though Ravana continued to persuade Sita, he was insulted by her as a coward and evil man. He was angered and dashed forward with fury saying he would kill her. He was held back by one of his wives Dhanyamalini. He told Sita: "I will give you two months time. If you do not change your mind,

I will kill you!" So saying, he went away.

After he left, the demonesses began to harass Sita who was now thinking of almost ending her life, before these devils devoured her. An old demoness Trijata checked her associates and told them about a bad dream she had: "Do not harass Sita. She is the purest wife. Lanka is now faced with great danger. Ask her pardon." Then, they left off harassing her.

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