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Sugriva's Friendship

Rama and Lakshmana proceeded in search of Sita. Wandering all around, they arrived at Rishyamooka hill. Sighting them from atop the hill, Sugriva, a king of the monkeys, sent his minister Anjaneya (Hanuman) to meet them and bring them to him.

His elder brother Vali, who also kept Sugriva’s wife for himself, had deported Sugriva from his land. Sugriva narrated his woes to Rama and sought his help. In turn, Rama told him about his own sorrow. Both pledged to help each other. They declared their friendship in front of God Agni (sacredfire).

Rama killed Vali and installed Sugriva on the throne.

Sugriva sent his soldiers to all- corners of the country to search for Sita. Rama called Anjaneya and told him: "Dear son of Vayu wind, I feel that you will succeed in your mission. You are the only one able to reach Lanka. Go forth and meet Sita. Tell her about our welfare. As a sign of recognition, give her this ring." He blessed and sent him away.

The armies of ‘ vanaras' (monkeys) reached the seashore.

How to cross the vast sea? One has only to fly. Who is capable of it They all agreed that only Hanuman possessed the prowess to undertake the task. Thus, Anjaneya embarked on

his voyage of a distance of 100 yojanas with the speed of wind and reached Lanka he went to Ravana's palace, searched around and found Sita at Ashokavana.

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