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Dawn of Happiness

Hanuman came down from the treetop and stood before Sita singing the praise of Rama.

Sita, surprised, feared that this too might be a ruse of Ravana. But Hanuman assured her and revealed his real self. He gave her the ring given by Rama as a sign of recognition and told her about the welfare of the brothers. Sita felt relieved. She reverently touched her eyes with the ring. She explained her experiences to him and said: "If Rama does not come within two months, my life will be finished. Tell Rama to come soon and save me."

Hanuman said: "0 Mother, why should we wait that long? I can carry you on my shoulders and fly to Rama now itself." But Sita did not agree and said: "Anjaneya, it is Rama's duty. That duty should not be interfered with. I will suffer all thehardships here till he comes. Give this to him as a sign of recognition." So saying, she gave Hanuman a Chudamani (crest-jewel) she was wearing and blessed him. Anjaneya returned.

Then, Rama, accompanied by the army of the monkeys, immediately proceeded towards Lanka. A bridge was built across the sea.

The armies of Rama and Ravana fought a fierce battle. Ravana was also a man of extraordinary prowess. His sons Indrajit, younger brother Kumbhakarna, commander Prahasta, were all great warriors and fought determinedly.However, Ravana's army was at last defeated, after the fall of Indrajit, Kumbhakarna and many others who died in the battle. Still, Ravana would not relent. Finally, he faced Rama directly. It was a long fight, ending in the death of Ravana. Rama installed Vibhishana, a younger brother of Ravana, as the king of Lanka. After that, at Rama's asking, Vibhishana brought Sita to Rama.

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