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The King's Problem

One day the king went round the city on horse back in disguise to inspect the work of the guards. A man was sleeping on a pial. The king woke him up and Enquirer who he was. "I am a Brahmin pilgrim; I am going to Rameshwaram after a dip in the holy Ganges," said he. "Tell me anything you think important," said the king.

The Brahmin replied, "Oh King! One has to work for eight months in order to earn enough for one full year's living.To provide for a happy life in old age a man must earn and save plenty of money in his youth itself. To gain happiness in the next world one must strive hard on earth in allpossible ways andmeans to earn Punya (Merit in God's eyes)."

On hearing this, the king was upset. 'True, I have not done anything here to earn happiness in the other world. How can I earn merit? Different religious codes teach different ways of earning merit. To get clear knowledge, I must invite learned men from different countries and get a definite decision in the matter,' he thought.

So there was a conference of learned men.

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Andal - A Great Devotee
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