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Vishnuchitta Comes to Madurai

A very beautiful garden. Even at a distance the air was full of the fragrance of the Tulasi plant and of the jasmine, the chapmpak and the dandelion. The garden was full of bunches of flowers of different colors, and was very beautiful (This garden can be seen even to this day. It is the flowers of this garden that are used for  the worship of the deity).

A middle-aged man, with twelve sacred marks on his body, was singing hymns and
collecting the leaves of the Tulasi plant and flowers. He was conscious of nothing else. His hands were busy with God's work; his mind was with God. He was Vishnuchitta. He was a Shrivaishnava (a devotee of Shri Vishnu), a pious and saintly man.

Shelvanambi came to this garden. They greeted each other. Vatapatrashayi (the God who lies on a banyan leaf) was the God whom Vishnuchitta worshipped. He too heard the call of God. God seemed to say: "Go to the city of Madurai. There, in the assembly of King Vallabhadeva proclaim, the Paratatva (the gospel that God is the ultimate goal)." At the same time Shelvanambi also came with his request.

Vishnuchitta was not well read in the Vedas or Shastras (the Scriptures). He had read them like any other devoted Brahmin of the day. He was not a learned scholar. He himself nursed plants bearing flowers, and with his own hands wove the garlands and offered them to God. God Himself had asked him to visit Madurai, but yet Vishnuchitta was worried. Though Shelvanambi came on behalf of the king and invited him, Visnuchitta was very
much worried.

It was an assembly at the king’s court and the King had particularly invited scholars to it. Renowned scholars would have gathered there. Vishnuchitta thought to himself, ‘I have not studies the Vedas. I am not a great scholar. What and I do in this assembly of towering  scholars?’ Finally, he decided that he should bow down to God’s wish and left for Madurai.

God had been pleased with Vishnuchitta's devotion. God's grace was with him when he went to the assembly. Vishnuchitta clearly explained the message of the Vedas. The learned men gathered there were compelled to nod their heads in appreciation. Vihnuchitta won laurels.

King Vallabhadeva was very much pleased. He conferred a title 'Pattar Piran' (Chief Priest) on Vishnuchitta. He had Vishnuchitta taken in procession on an elephant.

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