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The Treasure in the Earth

Vishnuchitta returned from Madurai and become once again absorbed in the floral worship of the Lord.

One morning, the sun had just risen and spread his red rays every-where. Vishnu- chitta was working in his garden preparing beds for his Tulasi plants with a spade. He was digging below a big Tulasi plant. The spade struck something and there was a sound. Again, holding the spade firmly, he dug the earth and then removed the mud around. There was a box. He feared that the box might contain money and jewels. But at the same time he thought that with this wealth he could worship God better and was pleased. But yet again he grew nervous and worried because he thought he should not take the treasure. Well, all   this must be the will of Vatapatrashayi! 'Whatever is in the box belongs to Him and is for Him only', he decided. When he opened the box,he saw something beyond his wildest dreams. A lovely female baby lay in the box. It shone with a ' divine radiance most pleasing to the eye.

Periyalwar thought that this was the play of the Divine will. He brought the bright baby to his dwelling.

This incident happened about one thousand and one hundred years ago.

After he brought the baby, one after another several thoughts troubled him.

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A lovely baby lay in the box
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