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Andall's Garland of Poems

Andal is the person who gave 'Poomaalai' and 'Paamaalai'. Just as she presented the garland of flowers to God after having worn it, she gave Him a garland of songs too. She had been called Goda; the word means not only (one given by the earth' but also 'one who offers words'. The name given to her was justified.

One of Andal's works is called 'Naacchiyaar Tirumoli' ('the song of the Beloved'). It contains 143 songs. This is a collection of beautiful songs ' 'it is not enough if the devotee loves the Lord, the Lord must love the devotee,' this is the desire expressed in the song. Meditation of the Lord has made Andal's mind pure.. 'May God also love me,' is her prayer. She is unable to forget the enchanting form of God. She remembers Him always. She does not want food, she does not want sleep; such is her love of God.'How happy I would be if I am married to God,' she thinks. She imagines that the pomp and the splendor of her marriage with God would excel those of the marriage of monarchs. 'Tirumoli' is a song of rapture - a song that rise' only from the joy of deep devotion to God.

A wedding is a singularly appropriate occasion for the singing of these Tamil songs. Andal's service to Tamil literature is
very great. For that reason she has won a very high place in Tamil literature.

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