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'What Has My Daughter done!'

One day Andal put on the garland and said, "This is offered to God." The Periyalwar heard these words and turned to her in wonder. She herself was wearing the garland meant for God! Periyalwar was shocked. He took care to touch the flowers only with his fingers while plucking them and weaving the garland. He would not allow any other part of his hand to touch the flowers, The flowers were for God, and he did not want them to wither by his touch. He used to cover his nose with a cloth while weaving the garland, so that he might
not smell the flowers. He would breathe softly. With such care did he offer the flowers to the Lord. And now his daughter had put on the garland meant for God, and the garland had touched her entire body! On seeing this Periyalwar was takenaback. "Oh, the garland has become defiled," he cried with agony.

"What has my daughter done? She has herself worn the garland meant for God's worship! It is our duty to offer to God only flowers, which are fresh and pure. A crime has been committed! Lord, forgive my ignorant and innocent child," cried out Periyalwar and prayed to God on one side he was unwilling to question his daughter about it, lest she should be unhappy; on the other he felt that she must be told about it; otherwise she would continue
to commit the same mistake every day and incur God's displeasure. After all she was a girl; she might have a natural craving for flowers. The mistake must be corrected. It was his duty as an elderly person tocorrect her, so he thought. He called Andal and told her gently, "Child! What have you done? It is sinful to offer flowers to God after we wear them." Andal was pained and at once said, "Never shall I do this, father," and begged him to forgive her.

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