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Andal's Childhood

As days passed the childiship of Andal delighted the Periyalwar ranks more and more. Sometimes he thought' lam poor. I got this child. Should this child also grow up in poverty?’ This made him gloomy. But he was comforted when he saw that Andal had developed good qualities and was dedicated to the Lord; he thought she was indeed rich and not poor.

Little Andal was always with him.  Whenever he went to the garden he took her also with him. He used to tell her stories of God's matchless strength and goodness and mercy. He was delighted when he heard her pronouncing the names of Rama and Krishna. Little Andal used to listen to the stories of Rama and Krishna with rapt attention. Her interest in these stories grew. Her love for God and devotion to Him developed from her childhood itself. Little Andal moving about with tiny steps surprised the Periyalwar himself by her   enthusiasm for his work. She gathered the flowers and put them in the basket. The   periyalwar used to keep saying, 'Every thing is for God, every thing is for God.' Even while collecting the flowers Andal used to remember Periyalwar's words. While weaving the flowers into garlands she sang like her father. Every time she chose a flower she was happy with the thought that it would adorn God's head or feet. She would identify herself with the flower and begin to dedicate her-self to God. She excelled  ven the professional   garland-makers in weaving garlands for the Lord.

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