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The Path of Surrender

Tiruppavai contains the very essence of her way of life; so let us learn something more about it.

Andal took the story of the Vraja girls from the Bhagavata. But while they desired
handsome and loving husbands, Andal desired that God Himself should be her husband. She loves God and God alone. She seeks to become one with Him. Then she will escape from the cycle of births and deaths, she will be free from disease and sorrow. So becoming one with God is supreme bliss; it is the highest goal.

But how can one become one with God? How can one become worthy of being accepted by God?

In the first five hymns Andal explains how one may become so worthy. Both body and mind should be absolutely pure. And God must fill the mind. No other desire, another goal should enter it.

Then Andal preaches total surrender to God. Everyone who is filled with the desire to reach God is like a maiden looking forward to her joyful life with the husband she has chosen. Such a maiden lives only for her husband and wants nothing except to live with him. The devotee who wants to be accepted by God should show the same love and dedication.

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