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Shriranganatha’s Wife

King Vallabhadeva also came from Shrivilliputtur to join the bridal party. Andal appeared as a bride, wearing splendid ornaments.Periyalwar was very happywhen he saw the grand procession, which came from Shrirangam.

Andal sat in the palanquin. The marriage procession moved to Shrirangam with musicians playing on varied instruments. It reached Shrirangam. People came from many places to witness this grandwedding.

Andal stepped down from the palanquin and stood before Shriranganatha. She was thrilled when she saw her attractive Lord. All watched with bated breath.Themarriage of Andal did take place! Andal dedicated herself to the feet of Lord Shriranganatha. Her dream came true. Shriranganatha accepted her joyfully. Everyone realized the greatness of Andal. Periyalwar was grieved to lose his daughter; but her supreme good fortune in being united   with Shriranganatha Himself filled him with joy.

Andal became a Goddess to everybody. She,who had been an ordinary girl,became a deity to be worshipped. There is a beautiful temple of Andal in Shrivilliputtur. By its side is a garden. To this day.Andal is worshipped with the flowers of that garden. The garland worn by Andal the previous day is presented to Vatapatrashayi the next day.

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