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Loses Interest in Domestic Life

Sakhu's devotion to 'God continued to grow and she was constantly reciting His name. Gradually, she was losing interest in domestic life though she was fulfilling all her duties at home perfectly. Her health had broken down and shewas now nothing but skin and bones. Neighbors; felt sad at her plight and thought that they should tender some good advice to Gayyalibai. But who is to go and talk? Each wanted others to undertake that task. 'Who is to bell the cat?'

At last, some men made bold to talk to Krupanaraya. They told him: "Your daughter-in-law appears to be ill. As the elder, you should think of her health and
welfare." For which he retorted: "What has happened to her? She eats so well thrice a

"You should not let a girl from another family suffer and cry. After she came here, you have not sent her to her parents' home even once. Send her for a few days," they
advised him.

Gayyalibai had ordered Sakhu not to move about in the house in the presence of elders. Even her father-in-law had not seen her closely recently. When he saw her and noticed how weak and bony she had become, he told his wife about the talk among the town's menfolk.

Gayyalibai denounced the men with all sorts of harsh words. She accused Sakhu of having complained to the men and told her son that the girl was spoiling the good name of their family. Again,Sakhu received a cruel thrashing. People of the town felt sorry when they heard this episode.

Next day, when Sakhu went to the river to wash the clothes, the women there said in
sympathy: "Sakhu, why do you suffer here like this? You are killing yourself un- necessarily. Go to your parents. Don't you have any relations?"

Sakhubai replied in a stern voice: "Dear ladies, I appreciate your affection and
sympathy for me. Everything happens as per Lord Vittala's wish. He is my father,
mother and everything. He has to protect me. Do not worry."

Though she was suffering such cruelty and harassment, she did not utter a word about
her husband,father-in-law or mother-in-law. The women of the town were actually
surprised at the manner in which Sakhu bore the suffering silently and hercomplete faith in God impressed them. They were all praise for her devotion to God and peaceful disposition.

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