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'Bhakti' Flows

One evening, Sakhu, accompanied by Shantabai, a neighbor, went to the Krishna River to fetch water. A group of pilgrims were on way to Pandharapur. The Devotees had to  walk for miles, as there were no transport facilities in those days. They had to stay at riverbeds, cook their food, rest for a while and proceed further. When Sakhu sighted these devotees, she forgot her chores and joined the people who were chanting Vittala, Panduranga Vittala'. She was feeling enthralled. Overcome by this devotional emotion,  she said: "Shantabai, I will also go to Pandharapur to see Lord Vittala."

Shantabai said:

"If your mother-in-law comes to know of this, she will give you a good thrashing. Let us go home without any fuss." But Sakhu joined the pilgrims' party and went on.

No sooner did Sakhubai's mother-in-law come to know of this than she began to rant. She and her son came and saw the daughter-in-law dancing in ecstasy reciting the name of Lord Vittala. Her eyes were closed. She was lost to this earthly world. Only when her mother-in-law rudely pulled her by the hair did she open her eyes. Her husband and mother-in-law beat and dragged her home. They told the people she wanted to run away from home and tied to a pole. She was also refused meals.

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