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Sakhubai's Marriage

In his search, Krupanaraya came to living and the town where Sakhubai was living and someone directed him to her house. Her father received him in a friendly manner. Sakhubai brought water for him to wash his hands & feet helped her mother in preparing the lunch for the guest; she set the plate and tumbler for him.

Krupanaraya was impressed with the girl's intelligence and helpful disposition. He asked for her to be given in marriage to her son.

Though Sakhu's father had heard about the wealthy pandit, they were unaware of the bad name he had earned. The poor, good-hearted couple felt happy; they thought it was a boon from Lord Vittala that their daughter should be married into such a wealthy family.They were poor and some times would not have enough food even for two meals a day and they had to wear old and worn clothes. They now felt that at least their daughter would enjoy a happy life and readily agreed for the proposal.

Krupanaraya fixed the muhurta (auspicious time) to with his wife and son place. The
marriage without the bridegroom’s coming to light. Gayyalibai had brought some
presents for some gold Jewelry were impressed and was lucky. Krupanaraya then returned to Karaveerapura.

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