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Mother Worries about Sakhu

After leaving her daughter-at her husband 's place, Sakhu's mother was constantly worried about her. "She is a very young girl. It would have been better it we had brought her," she used to lament, Worried for her daughter,she would even forgether daily domestic chores. The calf in their shed would shout 'Ambaa' before she rushed to feed her grass."It our Shaku was here, you would have your food on time," she would mutter caressing the calf.There were no modern postal facilities at that time, you see. So they had to seek infor- mation about their daughter from travelers and the sadhus who went from town to town and came after visiting Sakhu'splace. When guests came from Karaveerapura, they would inquire about their daughter. But, at the outset, they were disheartened.

After leaving Sakhu at her father-in-law's house, they never had nay information about that household. On the verge of a breakdown, Sakhu's mother entreated her husband that they go to Karaveerapura and he, equally worried, readily agreed. The couple started on their journey in happy anticipation of seeing their daughter living a good, comfortable life.


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