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The Lord Answers Her Prayers

Devotees narrate how God blessed Sakhubai. It is a very interesting story.

More than the physical beatings she received, Sakhu suffered a lot of mental agony. She   did not worry about her food, sleep, clothes, etc. Though physically weak, she was   unflinching in her devotion to God. She was always chanting "Vittala ! Vittala! Please fulfill my desire."

Vittala must have heard His devotee's prayers. Around midnight. He disguised himself as a woman, came and untied

Sakhu. He told her: "Dear Sakhu, you are keen on having a 'darshan' of Vittala, aren't
you? Go ahead. Till you come back, I will look after your work."

Sakhu ran and joined the devotees. God had assumed Sakhu's form and stayed in her place.

Came the morning. Sakhu's husband and his mother noticed that in spite of their
haranguing and beatings, she was calmly immersed in chanting Vittala's name. Actually, noticing the intensity of her 'bhakti’, they became afraid. 'Is such terrific devotion possible for any being?' - they wondered. They then untied her. As they thought she would collapse with fatigue, she stood erect. Her mother- in-law, though ruffled, ordered her, "Go, have your bath and cook the meals."

Sakhubai silently went in and prepared the meals. What luck to eat food prepared by
God Himself! And what wonderful meals! It was like savoring nectar. The families are heartily praising the dishes prepared. But the constant chanting of Vittala's name
irritated Gayyalibai, who angrily ordered Sakhu not to mention 'that bad word.'

God in Sakhu's guise did not utter a word in reply and continued to chant Vittala's name. He attended to all of Sakhu's duties. She went to the river to fetch water, wash the vessels, and wash the clothes; she pounded the grain. All the work was being done perfectly. Some days passed and now the people in the house began to look at this 'Sakhu' with a sense of fear. Gayyalibai could no longer scold 'Sakhu' as before. Nor could the husband Oaduraya raise his hand to beat her. In the divine presence, the whole atmosphere in the house had been transformed.

Meanwhile, Sakhubai arrived at Pandharapur and had the 'darshan' of Lord Vittala. Overcome with devotion, she prayed in an enthralled mood. By now, she had lost all interest in this worldly life. Several days passed and she was in no mood to return home. She spent all the time in prayer. One day, as she prostrated at the feet of Lord Vittala chanting His name, she breathed her last.

The news of Sakhu's passing away in this manner soon spread in Pandharapur and
people came rushing to have a last look at this great devotee who died praying. The
whole town was full of praise for her. People raised a pyre of sandalwood and camphor and consigned her to flames

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