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'Bhakti' was Sakhubai's Strength

Every country has its own tales extolling the greatness of its saints and devotees of God. Sakhubai's story has been a popular one in our country. People venerate her.

Sakhu suffered much hardship right since her childhood. After coming to her husband's house, she could not go to her parent's home at all. Poverty at home may not appear to be a major problem. There is happiness in sharing one's love and affection with others. But even when the household is wealthy and there is abun- dance and a person is thrown a morsel or rice as to an unloved dog, how much mental agony the person suffers! She had
also to suffer endless scolding and beatings. Her parents were helpless. But Sakhubai bore all this patiently and her devotion to God Vittala gave her strength to bear the suffering. She surrendered herself completely to Him. She blamed nobody for her sufferings and her devotion to Lord Vittala was total. Thus, Sakhubai lived a life worthy and dedicated to the welfare of the people

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