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Sakhubai's Husband Oaduraya

When Sakhu saw her parents, she was a bit optimistic that she could go to her house with them at least for a few days.

But that was not to be. Sakhu steeled her- self thinking it was her duty to stay with her husband. And how was her husband Oaduraya? Sakhu, a girl of tender age, had come from her parents' home with the belief that her husband would maintain the household well. Parting with one's parents is sad and it would be difficult for one to adjust to a new home. The newly married husband should genuinely love his wife, and treat her with affection. But Oaduraya had no such feelings. He was not even inquiring whether she had her meals nor was he bringing her any flowers, clothes etc.He was very much afraid of his mother.

Sakhu's husband treated her as his slave and not as a life-partner. Even though her
mother-in-law ill-treated her,she could have had some solace if only she enjoyed her husband's love. Even Krupanaraya, eldest member in the family, did not have a sympathetic word for her. In these circum- stances, she would wonder why she should live at all.

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