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Rukmayi's Worry

As narrated by people, the story of Sakhubai becomes still more interesting hereafter.

While Sakhubai passed away, Lord Vittala was working in her guise at Karaveerapura.
"I will look after your duties until you come back," He had promised her. Lord Vittala's
consort Rukmayi now was at a loss as to how to get Him back. She decided that the only solution was to revive Sakhu back to life. She gave 'darshan' to Her devotees in their dreams and asked them to bring Sakhu's mortal remains to Her. Rukmayi touched them   with Her divine hands and revived Sakhubai and told her: "Dear great devotee, go back to your Karaveerapura home. Lord Vittala is staying there taking your form. Send Him back. You are blessed. Go."

Sakhubai walked back home. Vittala in her guise was standing on the banks of river
Krishna carrying a couple of pots. Sakhu ran and fell at His feet exclaiming, "0 Lord!
What a mad woman I have been to make you undertake these tasks! I did not even ask who you were. I don't know what tasks you were asked to attend to. Please forgive me."

Lord Vittala laughed and replied: "There is nothing I will not do for my devotees.
Hereafter, your life will be happy. You are blessed. Lead a life of help and service to

Sakhu, blessed by her Lord, returned to her house joyfully.

Gayyalibai was surprised when she heard her daughter-in-law's story. "0 God! How I
made you to toil for me!" she cried remorsefully. Now she felt immensely happy that Sakhu had received God's blessings. "My dear, please forget the past. You are the light of our family," she emotionally told her.

Sakhubai's entire life-mode had now changed. Her husband, the mother-in-law and the father-in-law had all changed their attitude towards her and treated her with great respect. She continued to be affectionate and friendly to all of them. She explained the greatness of God and ' 'Bhakti' to all the people around her and led a life of peace and happiness.

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