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How can you live in a House where there is no Dharma?

Though she had grown up in her poor parents' house, Sakhu had never aspired for rich,sumptuous food or anything of the sort. One may starve if no food is available but the atmosphere in this house was shocking. Sakhu had heard that her father- in-law was a great Vedic scholar and she had thought that such learned men had greater faith in God. She had felt that Krupanaraya, rich and learned, was helpful to others in a liberal manner, donate for charities, etc. Now all her illusions were shattered. One day when she was pound- ing rice, a beggar came to the house for alms. She got a handful of rice and came out to give it to him. Seeing it, Gayyalibai poured insults on her and accused her that she was trying to destroy their house. Krupanaraya supported his wife. Sakhu   felt extremely sad, Should one not  have some sympathy, dharma and be charitable ? Though her parents were poor, there was always provision for a little charity; a handful of rice was always available to those coming for alms. Here there was so much abundance. Krupana- raya was also engaged infinancial dealings involving large sums. Still, charity was absent in this house. No guests came. There was no formal worshipping of God even once a day nor were there may prayers. What was the difference between human beings and other species without these, lamente Sakhubai. She could not even have her meals in company, because of this dejection.Yet,she never openlycomplained against her mother-in-law or father-in-law. With tears in her eyes, she would only pray to Lord Vittala to bless these people with good thoughts and deeds."

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