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What's this?

The lion did not pounce upon him. Instead, the flowers rained by the angels from the sky fell upon him.The king,utterly surprised opened his eyes. He heard a sweet, divine
voice - "Get up, 0 son!"

There was no lion. Only Nandini stood there radiating affection like a mother. And she said to Dileepa: 'well, my son, get up. There is no danger to your life, This lion was an illusion. The incident took place only to test your devotion. The power of the sage Vasishtha's penance is such that there can be no danger to me even from Yama, t he Lord of Hell. You have shown your devotion to your teacher and similar devotion and kindness to me.I am pleased with you. Ask for any boon you want, and I'll give it."

Dileepa prostrated before Nandini. He rejoiced that there was no danger to Nandini. And that the divine cow was pleased with him put him into rapture. Then he made his request. "Please grant that my queen Suclakshina will give birth to a son who will be righteous and will bring glory to our Sun-dynasty."

"So be it," said the cow. "Draw my milk into a leaf-cup and drink it. Your wish will be

But the king replied, "Mother, I will take only what remains after your young calf feeds itself from your udder, and my preceptor's sacrificial worship is over with your milk. With my teacher's permission, I and my wife will both drink it." Nandini was happy and started for the ashrama.

As soon as Dileepa reached the hermi- tage, he reported to his teacher the fact that he had obtained Nandini's favor. He told his wife also. Later, after the calf had its feed and the milk required for the sacrificial worship was kept apart, the king took the rest of the milk with permission from Vasishtha. The sage also gave the king his blessings, that he be got a good son.

The next morning, Dileepa with his wife observed all rituals for the conclusion of his vowed worship of and service to the cow. He prostrated before the sacrificial fire of the hermitage, before Vasishtha and Arundhati, and before the divine cow Nandini with her calf.

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