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A Fruitful Life

Dileepa did not wish to continue as king any longer. He had ruled over his people for many years. He had punished the wicked and protected the virtuous. So he now decided to hand over the reigns of the kingdom to his youthful son and occupy his own mind with thoughts of God. When the kings of olden days became old, they crowned their sons and went away to the forest to lead ascetic lives like sages. So Dileepa arranged for the coronation of Raghu who was the crown prince and who had already won the hearts of the subjects. And then on a day he went away with his queen Sudakshina to a hermitage.

Dileepa was a very heroic emperor. He amply showed by his actual conduct that, those who rule over others and have the authority to do so, should use their power for the welfare of others. As he became old he gladly made over the throne to his young son and went away for meditation. In the work that he had accepted, he showed unequalled loyalty and was ready to lay down his life to save Nandini. Born an emperor's son, he became a great emperor. More than that, he acquired great fame with his humility, dutifulness and spirit of sacrifice. With his virtues he won the hearts of all. Is this not greatness?

Not only did Dileepa show by his own conduct how men in high positions should be in their lives, but also he became an example as a person of ideal qualities. He became a great man memorable for all time.

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