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People's Fortune

Dileepa excelled all others in his hand- some-ness and good nature. With a broad chest and strong shoulders, he had a build and strength befitting a king. He was courageous and valiant.He had hislessons, even when very young, from the sage Vasishtha and was   considered very intelligent. Those who erred would be terrified at his mere sight. But he appeared to be mild to all good men.He was learned, of few words, strong but forgiving. He was generous but disliked flattery, and was very righteous.

The sole aim of his life was the welfare of the people. He collected from his subjects only one sixth of their income as tax. And he spent it for there, own welfare. He was like a father to all his subjects. Dileepa ruled over his kingdom easily, as if it were a town.

Sudakshinadevi, a daughter of the royal house of Magadha, was Dileepa's queen. She was as good-natured as she was beautiful, and treated the subjects as her own children.

People were all very happy that It was their good fortune to have such a good king and
such a good queen.

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