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Both Are Worried

The King thus had plenty of weal and wealth. But there was no happiness in his mind. His life was sufficiently advanced " But there was no child to continue his royal lineage. That was a great worry in his mind. It was the only worry for queen Sudakshina also. Whenever she saw friends of her own age caressing their children, her sadness became sharper. For how long a time had kings of the Sun-dynasty been ruling over this kingdom! If only she had a son! They could have trained him to be a good king, and gladly handing over the kingdom to him in their old age, could have gone to do penance. All she needed to make her happy was just one son to rule over the country righteously, and make the land glorious. Dileepa's sorrow was all the greater, when he saw the queen vexed.

The king, sunken in sorrow, yet had an idea. He felt they should seek the blessings of sages. He resolved to call on sage Vasishtha, the l5receptor to his entire dynasty, and follow his advice. So he handed over the administration to his ministers, and getting into the chariot with his queen Sudakshina at an auspicious time, left his capital Ayodhya to go to sage Vasishtha's hermitage. A few persons went with him as his retinue.

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