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The Heir - Apparent, Raghu

Dileepa now pondered as to what else was his duty. A king had to perform the 
Ashwamedha sacrifice. Well, when the heroic prince Raghu was there to guard the horse, there was no need to fear anything. So, one after another, he performed ninety-nine Ashwamedha sacrifices and achieved high glory. He decided to perform one more, and get the throne of Indra, the Lord of Heaven. So he first underwent the consecration ceremony. Then he left the sacrificial horse to go in any direction it chose. For its protection, crown prince Raghu started with an army. Now Indra was worried. If the hundredth sacrifice was completed, then Dileepa would become Indra. So Indra thought of seeing to it that this time the Taga' or sacrifice was not completed. Unseen by 
any one he came and took away the horse. Raghu's soldiers were surprised and did not know what to do.

Just then Nandini the divine cow came there. Was it not by serving and worshipping Nandini that Dileepa got Raghuas his son? Raghu also knew it. He thought the arrival of Nandini was a good omen. He prostrated before her and worshipped her. Owing to her favor, Raghu could now see Indra taking away the horse meant for the Ashwamedha sacrifice- Raghu chased him. A terrible war was ensued between the two. In the end  Indra used his Vaira' weapon, the thunder. Seeing Raghu fight on in spite of that, Indra was pleased with his valor. He told Raghu - " Leaving this horse, ask for anything else, and you will have it."

Raghu, who had such great piety, said: "0 Lord Indra, if you do not wish to return the 
horse for the sacrifice, please giant this. My father king Dileepa is still committed to 
performing the sacrifice. So please ordain that he gets the merit as for having performed the sacrifice in the prescribed manner. And you must send this information to him in the sacrificial hall through your servants."

Devendra agreed to Raghu's request, and his charioteer Matali to Dileepa. Learning of all that had happened through Matali, Dileepa felt happy that he had completed the sacrifice. He admired his son's valor.

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