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Nandini's Guard

As soon as it was morning,Sudakshinadevi brought fresh and fragrant flowers and 
worshipped Nandini. The king held the calf for Nandini to feed it, and then tied it in its 
place. Then he released Nandini to go for grazing. The queen also started to follow the cow, but he asked her to stay in the ashrama. And then, to protect Nandini from any possible danger, Dileepa himself, so famous as a king, started as her guard. When the king starts out, it is the duty of his servants to follow as his guards. So they also got ready to go. But Dileepa said: "None of you need come for my protection. And I am enough to protect this cow." He sent them back.

Though he was a great king, Dileepa did not feel it lowly to graze the cow.He looked after Nandini much better than anycowherd who had ever served a cow. He put tasty tender grass into Nandini'smouth. He chased off flies and other insects, which sat on her and teased her.The cowroamed about, as it liked. Close on her heels was king Dileepa. When she stood, he waited. He followed her, whatever the direction she chose. If she lay down, he squatted nearby. Where she drank water, there he also drank. He followed Nandini like her shadow.

Dileepa had now no royal emblems. He had no crown or ornaments, no royal fan or the white umbrella. Yet the luster of his body did not diminish. He was always watchful against wild animals' causing any danger and remained close to Nandini, ready to shoot them down with his arrows.

It was evening. Light was gradually receding. Nandini made the spots of her jaunt clean and holy and remembering her
young one, turned towards the hermitage. The king was just by her side. Wild boars 
jumping out from pits, peacocks strutting towards the trees which were their homes and deer prancing on grassy plots, were all prancing on grassy plots, were all sighted.

Dileepa found the whole forest a black expanse. He walked behind the holy cow intently, as if the eyes were his whole being.

Nandini returned to the hermitage. Sudakshina was overjoyed at its sight. She came with a cup of coloured rice. She went round the cow respectfully, made an obeisance, and worshipped her placing colored rice and vermilion on her forehead between the horns. Though Nandini was very eager to see her own child, she received the courtesies and worship offered by queen Sudakshina. The king and queen were both very pleased. The king then prostrated before sageVasishtha who was sitting with his wife Arundhati, and 
then offered his evening worship. After the calf fed itself with Nandini's milk and the rest of the milk was drawn out, the king did other services to Nandini. He placed good grass before her and also lighted a wick nearby. Nandini lay down. The royal couple sat nearby; when Nandini slept, they also slept. When she got up next morning they too got up.

It went on like this for twenty-one days. The king always followed the cow like its 
shadow. Day and night Dileepa and Sudakshina followed the ritual of serving and worshipping Nandini.

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