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A Lion!

It was the twenty-second day. The cow took a different route, to another forest.

Dileepa was extra-careful on that day. When he was there for the cow's protection, what wild animal could come near it? He did not espy any such wild animal. Nature around was decked in utmost beauty. It was a lovely green below and such a pleasant green wherever the eye turned. In between were smiling flowers of various hues and different designs - blue, red, pink and yellow. The fragrance of the flowers and a cool spray from a waterfall from atop nearby were carried all around by a gentle breeze. The beauty of the hilly tract captivated his mind. He was lost for a while in seeing the charm of nature around.

Suddenly he came to his senses. Nandini was bellowing loudly in fright. The sound of her loud cry was echoed by the caves around. When the king turned that side, he saw a terrible lion, which had jumped, on to Nandini's back!

Dileepa was stunned for a moment. He bit his fingers for losing himself and being
absent-minded for a while. However, he was very valiant and had killed many a lion
while hunting. He was very angry now, that a lion was trying to kill a tame cow. He took
his bow in his left hand and lifted his right hand to snatch an arrow from his quiver.

But lo! He could not move his hand that stretched to the quiver. He was like a king in a painting. He could not move a step forward.

A hero of so many wars, one who had vanquished so many! But he could not even lift his hand now! He was burning with the anger inside. But what could he do?

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