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If The Worthy are not respected...

Dileepa thought that if all persons of his retinue entered the Ashrama, it would disturb the sages. So he asked them to stay out. Only the king and the queen went into the hermitage. The sages who were there welcomed them and offered seats. The royal couple then approached Vasishtha. They prostrated before the sage and his consort Arundhati, touching their feet. As they stood with folded hands, the holy pair gave their blessings.

And Vasishtha said, "Dileepa, you have both had a long and tiresome journey. You must take rest." He gave them milk and fruits.

Later the sage continued his talk - "Are all people happy in your kingdom? Do you have timely rains and good crops? Do you have sufficient grains and money, and are the cows well-fed?"

And the king answered - "0 sage, when you are there to ward off all troubles that may assail my kingdom, I have no fears. My realm has never seen scarcity or famine. Nor does it have thefts, robbery or murder. Thanks to the force of your penance and your blessings, my arrows do possess the power to kill enemies. Thus there is no fear of any foes. We have timely rains and good crops. Owing to your sacred splendor, my people have no troubles at all."

Dileepa thought that though Vasishtha would have known of the purpose of his visit with his inner eye, it would be proper for him also to mention it. So he said: "Sage, though my land has all prosperity and happiness, my queen and I have no joy. I have no son to rule over this kingdom and protect the people, after me. My ancestors have had their troubles set right by you, our preceptor. I also need y6ur help and favor."

The learned sage closed his eyes for a while. He was thinking as to why his disciple had no offspring. His mind's eye could make it out. And he said:

"0 king, there is a reason for your not having a son. Once upon a time you had gone to Heaven to help Devendra, the Lord of Heaven. While you were returning, there stood the divine cow, Kamadhenu, in the shade of the Tree of Wealth in Paradise. You should have gone round the divine cow in obeisance and then proceeded further. But you failed to do so. It looked as if you sighted Kamadhenu. The heavenly cow was angry; for your fault of neglecting her, she has pronounced a curse on you, that you shall not have any issue, and that you would have children only if you worship her own daughter Nandini, and please her and win her favor. You did not hear her cursing you. But if the worthy are not saluted and respected, none can be happy."

Dileepa felt very sorry for the mistake that had occurred. "For this fault, both of us have suffered the punishment in the way of our consuming worry. I am very eager to make amends. You must guide me as to how it could be done. Where is the sacred cow, Nandini? How can I get her favor?" - the king asked.

Vasishtha replied - "Kamadhenu'sdaughter Nandini is now in the netherworld Patala. 
Varuna is performing a sacrifice there and has taken her there for providing the milk, 
curds, ghee and other things needed for the sacrifice. She is the cow belonging to this ashrama and may return here some time now, with the sacrifice completed. Please wait till then. You and your wife must both do service to Nandini every day. You will of course get a good son. Don't feel sad."

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King Dileepa and queen Sudakshina make obeisance to sage Vasishtha
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