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The Chalukya--Vikrama Era

The title 'Tribhuvana Malla' (Meaning, 'The Wrestler of the Three Worlds) was used a by emperors. The king, Someshwara, was upset when his brother assumed it. The king thought that the friendship of his brother with his vassals was a sign of danger. He made friends with Kulottunga the First, the Chola king. Now if there was a conflict, Vikramaditya would find himself between two enemies-his brother Someshwara the Second at home and Kulottunga the First, the Chola king.

Kulottunga laid seige to Kolar, which belonged to Vikramaditya. So the war began. The Chola army was defeated. Vikramaditya wanted to make his position strong before Kulottunga could recover and come to the help of his brother. So he declared war against his brother and defeated and imprisoned him. What happened to Someshwara thereafter we do not know.

By this time Vikramaditya had gained good experience by taking part in many wars for about twenty years. He had fought for his father and his brother, and defended the kingdom. He had never known defeat.

The unexcelled, valiant Vikramaditya was crowned king on the first day of the bright half of the month of Chaitra in the year Pingala, corresponding to the 26th of February 1077. On that day began the 'Chalukya--Vikrama Era'.

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