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he Master of His Officers

However capable a ruler may be, he cannot himself attend to all the work, can he? The ruler has to choose officers for different types of work and to be in charge of the different parts of the kingdom. They must be given some power; they cannot run to the king for every decision. But the officers must be loyal to the king; they should be made to feel that they will be punished if they do not use their powers justly and if they do not take proper care of the people. So any ruler should-1) choose the officers with great care, 2) give them as much power oil as their work requires and 3) watch with care how they conduct themselves. Vikramaditya had sincere, efficient and able ministers and generals.

The most astonishing fact is that many of his officers were scholars; they were interested in literature, music and other fine arts; but they were also excellent soldiers. In times of war they went to the battlefield. In times of peace they helped the king in his administration and encouraged the development of education. They encouraged men of letters. The emperor himself governed certain provinces. The rest were under the control of chieftains obedient to him. The king appointed his brothers and his sons c, governors of the provinces, which were under his direct control. He gave the enough powers. He punished those wt did not use their powers justly and wisely. He rewarded those officers whom though of the good of the people. Ananthapa who was his representative in Vengi w, loyal to him and loved his subjects. In return for his good administration the king made him master of Puligere, Belwal Banavasi and other places.

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