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The Valiant Youth

Though Vikramaditya was not the Yuvaraja he had to shoulder son responsibilities. The petty states in India were always fighting among themselves. The Paramara king, Bhoja of Malwa, died. Two persons, Udayaditya and Jayasimha, fought for the throne. The former sought the help of the Chola king. The latter requested Someshwara the First to help him. The Chalukya king sent an army led by Vikramaditya to assist Jayasimha. Vikramaditya entered Malwa, defeated Udayaditya and put Jayasimha on the throne. On his way back he camped on the banks of the river Krishna. There he received the sad news of his' father’s death. His father had been drowned in the river Tungabhadra. Vikramaditya was overcome with grief. He returned to Kalyana after the religious rites connected with his father’s death were completed.

In 1068 AD, his brother Someshwara the Second ascended the throne and assumed the title of 'Bhuvanaika Malla' (The Matchless Wrestler of the World).

The new king was no much experienced in wars. The enemies thought it was the most favorable time for them to attack his kingdom. Veerarajendra, the Chola king, led an army against him. The Chalukya army pushed back the Chola army; Veerarajendra ran away. Someshwara the Second divided his kingdom into many zones. He appointed his brothers to look after these regions. The Yuvaraja, Vikramaditya, went to Gangavadi and Jayasimha the Fourth toNolambasindavadi as the representatives of the king.

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