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'Tribhuvana Malla'

The king, Someshwara the Second, continued to distrust his younger brother, Vikramaditya. Because of this distrust, he had not sent his brother to help the king of Malwa but, instead, himself led the army, but came back defeated. It was a period of incessant wars. So many kings were waiting to snap up the Chalukya kingdom. If the king was not powerful, there was every chance of his losing the kingdom. The people were not happy in such times. They had to live in the shadow of danger. They wanted a powerful ruler to protect them. Someshwara the Second was neither powerful nor interested in his duties. But Vikramaditya, unlike his brother, was interested in the welfare of thepeople. Things went from bad to worse 'in the kingdom. Vikramaditya thought' of taking charge of the kingdom.

But this was not easy. After all Someshwara was a king. Even he had his supporters. Vikramaditya had to act thoughtfully and cautiously.

Some chieftains were loyal to the king, Someshwara. Vikramaditya thought winning over these persons to defeat brother. He married the daughter Kadamba Jayakeshi of Goa and won support. He made friends with some others. Then he assumed the title of 'Tribhuvana Malla'.

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