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Truly A 'Tribhuvana Malla"!

Vikramaditya had to fight many battles. The three sons of Udayaditya" Jagaddeva,

Lakshmanadeva and Naravarma quarreled among themselves. Vikramaditya the Sixth helped Jagaddeva and made him king. But a little later Naravarma usurped the throne. Again the Chalukya king went to the help of Jagaddeva and gave him back the throne. He loved him as his own son.

Jagaddeva was moved by his affection. He gave up his throne and lived as courtier of Vikramaditya. Jagaddeva was entrusted with the task of looking after the territories, which the king had won from the Paramours. Jagaddeva fought many battles for the king.

Vikramaditya and his vassals had to fight against the Hoysalas. Vishnuvardhana was a king of the Hoysala dynasty. Within five or six years of coming to the throne he extended his kingdom and earned the title 'Tribhuvana Malla'. With his army he crossed the river Tungabhadra. By than Vikramaditya had ruled for over forty-five years and was quite old. But when the state was threatened, he grew young in spirit. He defeated Vishnuvardhana and his allies in 1122. He assumed the title 'Vishnuvardhana'. In addition to this he had to fight many battles.

All these happenings show how, in those days, every state was constantly in danger of attack and had to be always ready to fight for survival. Vikramaditya was a hero of heroes, and never tasted defeat.

He was not eager to fight or to shed blood. But, from youth to old age, he was forced to fight again and again. He extended the kingdom upto Hassan, Tumkur and Kadapa in the south, Khammammet in the south-east, and the

Narmada in the -north. He himself led his army. He was a model to his soldiers and his example inspired them. He led his army with great skill. On the whole he 'Vikramaditya' and justified his titles 'Tribhuvana Malla'.

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