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This Beloved Brother An Enemy!

Jayasimha the Fourth was Vikramaditya's younger brother. Vikramaditya treated his brother with affection even after he became the king. Jayasimha, too, was a great support to his brother. The king installed Jayasimha as the Yuvaraja and sent him to Banavasi as his representative. He had full faith in his brother. Some of the territories conquered by the king were added to his province and the king made his brother the governor of this bigger province. The king Jayasimha behaved like a worst dictator; and he used his power absolutely in corruptness. He never used it for the welfare of the state or for the use of his own people. This proved true in the life of Jayasimha. He was at first good and loyal. But his ambition grew with the increase of power. He envied his brother and conspired against him. So he forgot his duty as the representative the king. He forgot that he was there to look after the welfare of the people. He began to harass the people and looted the rich. He strengthened his army. He entered into an alliance with the cruel tribal people living in the forests. He-tried to bring about quarrels among his brother's friends.

Those who loved Vikramaditya and were loyal to him reported to him what was happening.

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