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The Army under Check

Even during his military campaign Vikramaditya did not forget the safety his subjects. Naturally, during wars people are worried and anxious. In those days the army marching from place to place used to trouble the people. The soldiers used to destroy the crops and carry away the belongings of the poor villagers. The victorious army, of course, would enter the houses of the defeated people and plunder them, set fire to houses and kill people mercilessly.

Vikramaditya maintained good discipline in his army and saw to it that the conquered were not troubled. Even during their march, the soldiers did not trouble the people. Usually those defeated would run away for fear of the victorious army and the city would be destroyed. But Vikramaditya took care to see that in the territories he captured there was not much trouble or confusion. The routine went on undisturbed. Agriculture, trade, travels and business went on as usual. People were not afraid of the victorious army. In fact, quite often it was only when the soldiers marched through their place that the people came to know that a war was going on. There was no cause for confusion or anxiety otherwise.

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