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If Affection Is Mistaken For Weakness?

The king was very unhappy. He did not like to use force against his brother. So he sent a message to Jayasimha. He reminded him that, though he aid not have the title of a king he had all the power and the work of a king. He told him that it would be foolish for brothers to fight, and advised him to be affectionate and loyal to his brother.

Jayasimha could not understand the love of his brother. He thought his brother was weak and, therefore, had sent such a friendly message. He thought he could defeat the king and set out with an army. He reached the banks of the river Krishna without any opposition. A few chieftains who were under Vikramaditya joined him and this gave him added hopes. He harassed the people of the territories that came under his control. He sent an insulting message to his brother.

Vikramaditya himself led his army and marched towards the Krishna. Even then he did not have the heart to fight with his brother. He tried to make peace with him, but in vein. The arrogant Jayasimha called his brother weak. The battle commenced. At first Jayasimha had the upper hand. The king's soldiers ran away from the battle- field. The king moved on an elephant. He collected his scattered soldiers and encouraged them to fight. Jayasimha's army was frightened. The defeated Jayasimha ran away from the battlefield and tried to escape into the forest. The king captured Jayasimha’s horses and elephants. His wives were imprisoned and in the end the king’s soldiers, too, captured him.

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