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Ramakrishna in 'Krishna Leela'

The play 'Krishna Leela' was in progress in the presence of the king himself. Krishna in the company of the cowherds, Krishna's plunder of milk and butter, Krishna over coming Kalinga, the slaying of the evil enemies Shakatasura, Dhenuka'sura, Aghasura and Puthani, and finally killing Kamsa himself, all these the actors had presented. With Krishna before them the other characters were singing songs in praise of Lord Krishna's valor.

At that moment Ramakrishna struck the actor who was playing the role of Krishna on the back. The actor sank to the ground in agony. Tenali Ramakrishna, imitating the
Bhagavathas, began to sing and dance keeping time: "What sort of valor is yours? They say you slew Kaleeya and Kamsa.

"But you could not withstand a single blow with the churning stick!

'What a valiant hero! Are you Krishna or a worthless sinner?"

Krishnadevaraya and the courtiers had been bored with the play and sleepy; but they went into peals of laughter at the comic role of Ramakrishna. Encouraged by this Ramakrishna raised the churning stick at Krishna once again! Krishna fell at the feet of Ramakrishna and prayed to be spared! At this all burst into laughter again.

Raising the actor, Ramakrishna said to him: "Don't boast of your valor; and don't let others praise you. Pray for the grace of Mother Kali, who protects all living creatures." The frightened actor began to sing hymns in praise of Mother Kali!

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