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No, Not Even This

All good things are short-lived! One-day a- pupil saw Ramakrishna standing near the
wall and shouted: "A thief! A thief!" The teacher and the pupils rushed out of the school and surrounded Ramakrishna.

In great anger the teacher questioned him: "Have you nothing else to do? Why do you
loaf here?" Ramakrishna touched the teacher's feet and said humbly: I came here to learn." Weeping, he narrated his story.

When the teacher understood how the boy was yearning for education and how much he was suffering, he felt proud of him and was full of sympathy.

But he could do nothing. He was also a prisoner of foolish religious prejudices.

He said: "My child, any teacher should be lucky to have a student like you. But if I
accept you, the people of my caste will throw me out! Do not come near the school; they may harm you... My mind tells me that one day you will be a great scholar. You have my sincere blessings. That is all I can give you!" So saying, the teacher placed his hands on Ramakrishna's head and then went away.

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