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'I Shall Get Education'

Ramakrishna became very angry with them. He had nothing but disgust and contempt for them. He thought: ‘What a selfish lot! What is the use of their scholarship when they refuse to impart education? No more will I beg any one for my education. I shall get enough education for everyday affairs.'

Ramakrishna fell at his mother's feet and said: "Bless me, mother! I am going out to
secure education". The innocent mother rejoiced at this and thought that some good teacher had agreed, to teach him. She blessed him and said, "Son, try to become a great scholar and master all branches of knowledge."

But Ramakrishna did not approach any teacher. The village school wall was his teacher! Every day he would stand by the wall and attentively listen to the lessons taught in the classroom. He would return home to repeat before his mother the lessons he had learnt. This was his daily practice.

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