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The Boy's Yearning

By the time he was ten, Ramakrishna grew a little more sensible. In those days
education meant the study of the Vedas, the Upanishads and religious texts. He was ashamed and sorrow-stricken because, let alone reading the books, he could not even read the letters. He realized he was illiterate.

Ramakrishna went to a many pundits and begged them humbly: "Please accept me as your disciple. I will repay you by rendering service." But he was called names and thrown out of ashrams and schools.

There were only a few Shaivite Brahmins in Tenali. They were them-selves poor. When Ramakrishna approached them, he was turned away with the despairing words, "Get away; why should you struggle for this education? Make a living by begging."

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