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A Story

The boy, who was yearning for a teacher, became a great scholar and was honored in a king's court.

How did it happen?

People say that it was due to God's grace. Just as there are stories of miracles about
many great men there are stories of miracles about Tenali Ramakrishna, too. A popular legend is as follows:

The teacher warned Ramakrishna not to go near the school, blessed him and went away, didn't he? Ramakrishna did not know what to do next. He wandered aimlessly and cursed his misfortune. He entered a thick forest. The boy walked and walked, and grew very tired. He sat before an old mansion and began to weep. At that moment a Sadhu came there. He asked the boy, "Who are you? Why have you come to this fearful forest? Why are you weeping? What is your difficulty? Do not hesitate to tell me. I will try to help you if possible."

Ramakrishna replied: "Honored sir, I have no father. I am the only support of my poor
mother. She keeps jelling me that one who has no education is better than a crow or an eagle. But no one in my village is prepared to teach me. I beg of you, sir, accept me as your disciple and be so kind as to educate me."So saying,Ramakrishna held the sadhu's feet firmly.

Then the sage said: "My child, it is not possible for you to begin your education now and become a very learned man. I will tell you what to do. That will fulfil your desires.

"See, there is a temple. It is the temple of the great Mother, Kalika Devi;

She will be pleased with those who pray devoutly and grant boons. I will teach you the important holy words, with which you can please the Mother. If you repeat the mantra a hundred and ten million times with great devotion, she will appear before you. But do not be frightened by her terrible appearance.

'By Kali's blessings you will become a great scholar. May she grant all your wishes!" So saying the sadhu whispered the sacred words into Ramakrishna's ears and went away.

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