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A Cowherd

Accompanied by his mother Ramakrishna came to Vijayanagar. The comfort, the
prosperity and the grandeur of the capital filled him with wonder. He made inquiries and taught that artist, men of letters, scholars and experts enjoyed royal patronage. Krishnadevaraya (who ascended the throne in 1509) was most generous to men of genius.

But how was Ramakrishna to catch the king's eye? Who would introduce a total stranger to the king?

Ramakrishna realized that only his talent had to open the doors of the court to him. He waited every day near the main gate of the palace waiting for an opportunity.

Countless days passed, and every day he returned home disappointed.

At last he got an opportunity. A famous 'Bhagavatha Mela' troupe (a troupe of actors in a folk-play) from Tanjore came to Vijayanagar to give a performance before the king. Ramakrishna learnt that this troupe would slage a play called 'Krishna Leela'. Members of this troupe carried with them the special costumes required for the play. On seeing this troupe, Rama- krishna thought of a plan. He returned home and dressed himself like a cowherd boy. Carrying a big churning stick on his shoulder he returned to the main gate of the palace.

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