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The Comic Poet

Krishnadevaraya who laughed to his hearts content said: "I am giving a special prize to
the cowherd boy who entertained us with his humor today."

The leader of the troupe was aghast at this announcement. With folded hands, he said to the king: "Your Highness! That jester does not belong to our troupe. I thought he was a member of the audience. There is some sort of deception."

Then with folded hands Ramakrishna said humbly, "Your Highness! It is true that 1- do not belong to this troupe. But I tried to relieve your boredom. I seek your forgive- ness." At this Krishnadevaraya became angry and ordered, "Give this impostor a hundred lashes! That is his reward!"

The servants got ready to  Ramakrishna.

Ramakrishna begged of the king "Please wait for a while, Your Highness. The palace guards -have to be summoned." S
The king thought this was strange but yet ordered the guards to be brought to his
presence. When they were ushered in, Ramakrishna asked them: "Did I not promise to give each of you half of whatever the king gave me?"

"Yes," said the two guards.

Then Ramakrishna said to the king: "Did you hear, Your Highness? They are to share the hundred lashes!" The two guards were shocked. The others roared with laughter,The shrewd king suspected there was a background to this drama enacted by Ramakrishna and said, "Tell me the true reason for your behavior. I have excused you, as you have made me laugh." Then Ramakrishna narrated the entire story of his life.

On hearing his story, Krishnadevaraya said "Ramakrishna, there are seven mighty
scholars in my court. But there is yet a place for one who can provide mirth and laughter. Accept the place, be our Comic Poet and one of the eight famous Poets." So saying, the king honored Ramakrishna with the special robes of his court.

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