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'Hide Your Head'

One day, Ramakrishna was looking at colored pictures newly painted on the walls of the royal ladies' apartments. He saw the picture of a nymph. He thought she was scantily dressed. So, taking hold of the brush and colors, he made some changes.

The Chief Minister happened to go there just then. He exclaimed: "Ramakrishna, what a foolish thing you have done! You have daubed the picture specially painted under the king's own supervision! The king will be angry and will surely punish you severely. You had better hide your head somewhere."

The next morning, Krishnadevaraya was taken aback to see a person, whose face was covered with a mud pot, waiting at the door of the apartments.

The king asked: "Who are you? Why are you standing here with the face covered?"
"Ramakrishna replied: "Your Highness, I am Tenali Ramakrishna. I committed a small offence; the Chief Minister said you would have my head cut off and that I should hide my head. Therefore ........"

The Chief Minister narrated the incident to the king; he appreciated Ramakrishna's
plan and forgave him.

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