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How Does the Water Appear.?

Ramakrishna was not afraid of the king, inspire of his patronage. He spoke the truth without fear and sometimes he taught the king himself a lesson.

Once Krishnadevaraya, accompanied by his eight scholars, went to inspect a newly built reservoir. Looking at the vast expanse of water, he put a question: "How does the water in this reservoir appear?"

One scholar replied: "This water appears like a pure-minded nymph!" Another said: "It is dazzling like a crystal!" the third one told the king: "The water appears like a serene man whose mind is spotlessly pure." When the king turned towards Ramakrishna, his answer was simple, "Your Highness, the water appears to be contained in the reservoir you built." He did not indulge in flattery and gave a simple, direct answer. The king praised him for his outspokenness.

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