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The Devotee of Mother Kali

Ramakrishna bathed in a nearby lake, collected leaves and flowers and entered the temple. He chanted the words "Jai Mahakali! Jai Jai Kalika Matha He devoutly offered the leaves and the flowers at the feet of the deity and prostrated before her. Then he sat before the image of Kali in padmasana posture, closed his eyes and began to chant the, mantra.

After all it was a temple in ruins where snakes, birds, bats and various other creatures abounded. Was it really possible to chant the mantra eleven crore times? Snakes freely moved on his body. Birds pecked at him and insects bit him. But Ramakrishna sat motionless! As soon as Ramakrishna completed the repetition of the mantra eleven crore and eleven times, Mother Kalika appeared. She had a thousand faces and looked terrifying. She said to him: "Ramakrishna! I am pleased with your devotion. Open your eyes and ask for whatever you desire." Ramakrishna slowly opened his eyes and looked at the figure standing before him. He asked her: "Mother! Who are you?"

"I am Kalika Devi, the goddess to whom you have been praying for eleven days. I am pleased with your devotion and I have appeared before you." When the Great mother said these words Ramakrishna closed his eyes and prostrated at her feet. Then he opened his eyes and gazed.

She was the Goddess of Shakthi (Power) seated on a lion! She had a thousand fierce faces! A thousand flaming tongues and a thousand pairs of burning eye!

The goddess was very much surprised. She had expected that the boy would be terrified when he saw her.But Ramakrishna was intently gazing at her and the lion!

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