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Uddalaka - Vishwavara

Sages lead A holy life. Their goal in life is working for the welfare of mankind. Studying the Holy scriptures (Vedas), teaching them to the students, performing penance and sacrifices (Yajnas) were their daily routine. Their abodes, situated amidst forests, were known as penance- groves (Tapo-vanas).

'Kutir' means the living apartments or the cottages. In one such cottage a sage by name Uddalaka lived with his wife Vishwavaradevi.

Uddalaka was a very learned sage. He had become famous by performing many sacrifices. He used to take pleasure in feeding others. He belonged to a family of philanthropists. Both his father and grandfather were known for their large- hearted nature. People used to call Uddalaka as Vajashravas also because he used to play host to many a feeding program. Vajashravas had but one defect. He had a very bad temper. The havoc
caused by his anger was worse than that of fire. Nobody was bold enough to stand in his presence during his spells of anger. It was impossible even to utter a syllable then. But he was not a bad person. None could surpass him in goodness when he was cool and composed.

His wife Vishwavaradevi was, in contrast, a very quiet and serene lady. She was neat and tidy in her household work. She was helping her husband in the performance of sacrifices. She was a very devoted wife. She considered her husband as the very incarnation of God.

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