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Vishwajit Yaga

We shall revert to sage Vijasharvas, father of Nachiketa He was making elaborate preparations to perform a big sacrifice of the name of Vishwajit. Vajashravas extended invitations to all the sages. He personally visited the cottage of the Acharya ten days in advance and requested him to attend the sacrifice along with all the pupils. "Please do not forget to bring Nachiketa also," he pleaded,

On the appointed day the Acharya began his journey accompanied by his pupils. As you must be aware, walking was the only mode of transport in those days. Thus, while the party was trekking the distance. Conversation began. Nachiketa asked his teacher, "Sir, what is the purpose in the
performing of this Vishwajit yaga by my father?"

The Acharya said, "Dear child, 'Vishwajit' literally means to win the world. This sacrifice is performed to attain fame in this world and happiness in the next."

"But once my mother has told me that to attain -heaven one has to perform good deeds."

"Yes, performing a Yaga is as good as performing good deeds, because a large number of people are fed and thousands of cows are gifted during that period. Besides, as per the rules of this Yaga, the performer must give away all that is' in his possession."

"Is it so? Then what are the things that are gifted?"

"it might be anything including Jewelry. That which is dear to the performer of the Yaga and useful to the recipient must be gifted in large numbers."

"If that is so, can he gift me also? I am very dear to my father!"

The Acharya smiled and said, "Nachiketa, you have asked a very pertinent question. But where is the need to gift you away? Do not worry, your father will not give you away to any one."

At last, after a long trek, the party reached its destination. As soon as Nachiketa spotted his home he ran to his mother and prostrated before her. Imagine the joy of the mother Vishwavaradevi on meeting her beloved son after a long lapse of time!

At the appointed hour, the ceremonies of the sacrifice called Vishwajit began. Playing of musical instruments, a large shamiana supported by hundreds of pillars, a large gathering of inviteesages - all these contributed to the festive atmosphere. The air was filled with the chanting of 'mantras' (holy verses) by hundreds of rishis. Vajashravas was conducting himself in a calm manner. The rules to be followed were rigid.

The elderly sages had warnedVajashravas beforehand saying, "0 sage, you should abstain from your anger during the Course of the ceremonies. Every word you utter should be translated into action. Otherwise all your efforts will be fruitless."

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